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Innometrics Social Media

Innometrics is looking to build its online community and create engagement around the brand, as well as its solution:

‘Profile Cloud’

As Innometrics: marketing team regularly writes blog posts about the current ‘affairs’ regarding Cloud, Personalisation, Data Management and Digital Marketing, the idea was to promote this content on the social media platforms (particularly Twitter) to increase this Young Swedish startup’s visibility within the online community.

After researching the industry, online community and Innometric’s competitors, we worked on a strategy and used different tools to increase its social media presence.

Some of these strategies include:

  • the choice and ‘Invention’ of appropriate hashtags
  • the research of influencers and key publications not only to follow but to engage with
  • linking Innometrics content with current industry issues
  • the use of the right ‘voice’ depending on the subject discussed and/or content promoted

Our work on Innometrics Twitter account not only increased media presence but also drove traffic to their blog and website. Traffic has increased twofold in the space of 5 months.

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