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"We brought Martha and her team at Bijou on to help increase awareness of SugarCRM in the UK. At the time, we didn't have staff in Europe with experience managing PR. That didn't phase Martha. She immediately began working directly with the UK sales team to develop stories. Martha became a virtual team member, pushing the sales team to uncover customer stories she could use to generate press coverage. Martha provides top notch counsel and is very creative at finding story angles. She was able to significantly increase SugarCRM's brand awareness. I would love to work with her again, and highly recommend her and the team at Bijou."
Bijou PR grows the profile of start-ups and North American technology companies in key European markets.
Robyn Forman
VP Marketing, SugarCRM

extend your european reach

Launching a product, company or service across many languages and cultures simultaneously with a unified message is critically important to the success of a brand.  At Bijou, we have experience in depth at doing just this.

influence the media agenda

The media landscape is changing rapidly across Europe, Traditional media, both print and broadcast now has a radically different role to play as social and new media streams increasingly dominate the agenda.  With so many channels to cover, the key is to set the agenda not follow it.

inform your marketplace

Educating your market about the features and benefits of your brand against a tide of competing ideas is critical to the success of your company.  At Bijou, we are masters of the art of creating powerful stories which convey your messages and provide the media with stories they want to use.

we do the little things well, driving your brand

Analyst relations

Analyst relations is critical to the success of your brand. Analysts interact with the media, current and potential customers, employees, investors, and financial analysts.

Media relations

Bijou has spent decades forging meaningful relationships with national, regional and trade media titles across Europe. We know the individuals that matter.

Speaker bureau

Supporting and often driving your main marketing initiatives, our speaker bureau ensures that your key people are seen and heard at all key industry events.

Social media

In theory, every marketeer's dream. In practice, getting the tone, quality, volume and channel correct requires a whole new approach to communications.

Press tours

When you need to roll out a message, product or service in a short time-frame with maximum impact across the continent, our press tour give you endless options.

Product launches & reviews

Staging and managing the review process, Bijou ensures that the key influencers in the media corps are well briefed and given all key messages and benefits .

Messaging & positioning

Central to the success of any campaign, Bijou ensures that all internal channels and material is in harmony. A consistent simple message generates the best headlines.

Video creation

Whether you need a social media campaign, corporate video or industry event showstopper, Bijou manages and creates high-impact video which really delivers.

reach a EUROPEAN audience

Our partner network delivers your message to the media in all major languages

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